Our History

Tesla Imaging center is born with the goal and purpose of providing all Diagnostic Imaging Services from conventional radiology to CT scans.   Tesla was founded in January 2006 by Drs Georgina and Maria Fonseca, two women seeking to make a difference in women´s healthcare. They have focused their efforts on the rural indigenous communities, where women lack access to quality healthcare thanks to limited resources. Our founders also saw that women in these communities have long-held beliefs and traditions that make them uncomfortable seeing male doctors. The Tesla Center is the only imaging center of its kind founded, owned and led by women.

 The Tesla Diagnostics center is comprised of a highly qualified professional team, up to date in all the latest imaging guidelines and requirements and at the forefront of excellence in customer service and Diagnostics imaging.



Our mission is to provide High quality specialized reliable diagnostic imaging services, while always having the health and wellbeing of our patients as a priority.

Tesla Diagnostics is very committed into making a difference in our community. Tesla works very closely with orphanages, women shelters and nursing homes, in order to assist and support under-privileged communities taking part in the welfare and growth of our beautiful country. Our mission is to provide care with the upmost professionalism, along with honesty and a comforting bedside manner coupled with great customer service.


Our vision is always to be recognized for excellence in diagnostic imaging services, with our quality of service and efficiency in mind.


Maintain at all times high moral and ethical standards so that we constantly build the trust of our patients with their wellbeing in mind.


We are committed to always provide excellent customer service, as well to uphold our duties and responsibilities not only to our team of professionals but also our patients, always striving to our continued growth and innovation.

Provide friendly, courteous, efficient and timely service; offering clear, accurate and transparent information at all times to our patients.


Our service

We provide adaignotic imaging quality services with the best in technology and warmth and caring.

Human quality

Provide friendly, courteous, efficient and timely service; offering clear information, accurate and transparent to our customers.